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05-01-2019, 06:02 PM
If you ever got annihilated in a MMO by player throwing all sorts of NPC minions at you while running away and spamming "l334t sk1llz" -macros... That could very well be me.

This is thought with end-game PvE in mind. Most aspects would have to work with different numbers in PvP

Simple idea. Any "summon" is enhanced GREATLY by this gearset. This being Drone, Turret, Seeker and Firefly.
These "summons" would also be aviable and/or up nearly all the time in combat. While they do the overall DPS of the setup, the player needs to keep in the fight also.

While you gun-damage is much lower, its still needed to supplement and "upkeep"

2: piece bonus - Focus fire
Enemies you HIT are marked. Any damage done by summons is increased against the marked target by X% up to XX%

(The stacks would go very high meaning bosses would take significant damage from your summons when YOU focus on the boss also. Also usefull as just 2-piece for multi-sets as you can now increase the damage of your summons a bit easier)

3: piece bonus - Custom Work
Your summons gain portion of your armor based on gear-pieces equipped. Up to a full 100%

(Full, set, your summons have same HP as you. This means they wont get 2-shotted by later tier enemies but are still killable if left fend for themselfs too long. Each piece increases the percentage of their HP closer to yours)

4: piece bonus - I C U
Every target hit by summons is marked for all players. Duration talents now increase damage instead.

(The DPS talent. This offsets the player low gun-dmg with properly adding more damage to the summons. Duration talents would need a new use, and extra damage is needed, easy pick)

5: Piece bonus - Together forever
Every shot player lands on a marked enemy reduces cooldown of summons by 1 second and extends existing durations by 2 seconds.

(The CORE of the whole set to be honest. You NEED to shoot to keep your summons up, or they run out, but if you keep shooting, they will keep shooting and if they are lost, they can be quickly recovered so your DPS isnt gone for the whole fight. It also lets you deploy Firefly and Seeker more often to actually use them as DPS)

6: Piece bonus - Field repairs
Each time a summon hits marked enemy, random member of the team receives X% armor over 5sec

(During solo-play you have a constant armor-regen to stay in the fight, this regen can also happen to the summons and obviously team-members making it quite valuable)


Firefly would have to have a bit of a tweak. It needs an quick-deploy by double-tapping the key. It picks random targets as it goes.
Seeker mine in cluster-mode would/should just deploy the amount of mini-mines instead of breaking up apart from single. This would greatly add single-target damage against bosses.

As i mentions, PvP would have to have very different numbers, but the mechanics still would work.

This set is kinda made around using turret or drone as one skill (or both) but also being able to leave a second up to the player and turning firefly and seeker into an actual option for sustained DPS while you actually have to do something to enable that.

Your shooting is "upkeep" for the summons to avoid abusing/botting the system and it would let a certain group discard high gun-dps in favor of other stats.

If enemies wont see you they will focus on the summons. Instead of dying in 2 hits it now takes some effort to take em down. Work as a legion of one firing and micro-managing from behind cover and duck to regen some armor when solo.

Would also make for some interesting setups for groups. Seeker-mine healer to keep you going... Permanent healer drone to keep your team going. Crowd control via flamer...

A specialization with a player mini-tank would fit soooo nicely with this. Yes, i love pet-classes.

I've had this idea in my head for sooooo long. One of many, maaaany more to come.

EDIT: Whoopsie. Wanted to post to "suggestions"