View Full Version : PS4 AC Unity - why not free for PS4 users but only for PC?

04-22-2019, 10:25 AM
I would like to know why Assassin's Creed Unity is free ONLY for PC users.
What's the meaning of that?
I've seen that it is in the PS Store, so it could also be free for PlayStation users.

My main game console is the PS4 Pro, I don't have a PC for games.

04-22-2019, 09:29 PM
Probably same reason why is it not free on Steam either, which is also on PC.
The game was supposed to be free for a week ONLY at the Ubisoft's official launcher, UPlay. If you have a UPlay account, which, I am sure you do, log in to a page and claim the Unity and it should stay forever in your UPlay library, so, when you get a PC for games, which, I implore you to do, it's 2019, you can download and play it.

P.S. : Having both the PS4 console and a PC for games is the best experience possible and you don't miss anything. You can afford them, you can build your own gaming monster PC with 850 euros if you are from EU or around 785$ if you are in US, depends on continents and taxes, I don't know, nowadays it's not hard or THAT luxury to make a gaming pc. Good luck.

04-22-2019, 11:31 PM
I think it would be easier to download from the PS Store.
No launchers, UPlay, or things like that.

Just a few clicks ;)
And the time to download it, of course ;)

Too bad it's only for PC.