View Full Version : Help with assassin/warrior hybrid build

04-19-2019, 01:42 PM
Hello few days ago I posted here looking for help with my current build and after a lot of trying I found out that my current build is just freaking untweakable, you put one thing away and others doesnt make sense so I decided to just scratch it, give up my perma stealth with pilgrim set and everyting. Thats why I came back here, because my playstyle is kinda undecided lets say, I really like to use stealth and chain assassination etc but when the fight breaks down im not fan of running away and covering in fear I mostly trying to just finish the rest who are still alive. I would like to know if someone has seen a build strong in assassin side but with the option to not be coward in open fight. Also two little things I dont have any helix store engravings and I really really dont want to use daggers anymore, if I could pick from all weapons I would like to use sword but im not against spears or staffes either.