View Full Version : (Feedback) Please try to find a way to make difficulte enemies not cheat.

04-18-2019, 11:21 PM
I started a game on highest difficulty. I boomed realy quick and got Artisans earlier than anyone else. I started my expedition and as i arrive EVERY Island was already settled. Not cool! Can someone of the devs please make it transparent how enemies play? Are they cheating (which I assume) or do the exploid features I'm not aware of.

04-19-2019, 08:04 AM
It's hard for a reason and takes a different strategy every time. It took me about 4 matches till I figured out a combo of going to war with the weaker enemies, keeping the strong one's in peace by doing a bunch of quests, complementing and gifting them. You also need to build enough of a fleet to gain shares in the lower power enemies islands then go back to peaceful with them. Also I did not ally with anyone earlier, instead waiting till late game to use them as a shield to take down the enemy who gained the most islands.

Also do not hand in the quest till new world expedition until you have built a significant enough fleet that you can go straight there and claim at least 4-5 islands immediately, hopefully you have enough income at this point to pay off the harder NPC's when they try to go to war, at least until you can establish your trade routes and go into the industrial age, at which time with oil, you can start boosting your production rather fast, get battleships and keep them in the sailing error by limiting the access to oil. By doing this your battleships will wreck them, it took me another entire play through to realise this transition into the new world as the strongest NPC just claimed 7 islands nearly immediately and then proceeded to do what I did in the next game, which was wreck my weak *** sailing ships with her massive fleet of battleships.

Good luck, it takes a lot of precise moves to get hard mode done and being impatient or to eager is sometimes your downfall, island and resource control mixed with shares for income and effective trade was key to claiming victory with precisely timed and overwhelming force going into the new world zone. I had 8 clippers ready with resources that I transitioned immediately and claimed most of the oil based islands and cotton etc so I could upgrade from Artisans to engineers asap. I also had cannons, stone and about 150 wood supply per island so I could build defences on every one nearly straight away. The pirate + NPC enemies will hammer your islands hard otherwise and you just end up loosing.