View Full Version : The Division 2 Hunterís content

04-18-2019, 10:52 PM
The Division 2 is a awesome game and a successful sequel from the first game. The survival DLC was one of the best along with the Hunter faction.But, there should be some more content that involves the Hunters besides just collecting their masks.The Hunters are one of my favorite factions in the game and are awesome. I would like for more content on the Hunters and get a exclusive Hunterís outfit like the Black Tusk one or the WW2 Navy Officer. I came up with a descriptive concept on how to obtain this outfit and what special mission to complete in order to get the outfit. I would like to hear some ideas regarding the Hunters and on them since there are a mysterious faction.

04-20-2019, 12:14 AM
I too would like to see much more done with hunters.
Maybe instead of the tasks leading direct to the hunters they could lead to a mission which also gives us background on who the individual hunters are, why they went rogue and so on.
Those missions could be straight hunts, they could be missions to stop thehunters achieving an objective, a hunter could show up and help you, then turn on you.
You could kill a hunter and find out that actually, they are doing an under cover thing and you just took out a good guy.

12 Hunters, so many potential stories that could be told.