View Full Version : Menu Items Not Clickable

04-18-2019, 05:23 PM
When I'm in my menu, most of the icons do nothing when I click on them. Other icons bring me to a different category.

I click on my primary or secondary weapon icons, nothing happens.
I click on my knee pads, rather than the knee pad category opens, I get the chest / armor category.
I click on the grenade icon category, I get the holster category.

Clicking on the mask, backpack category does nothing.

My skills:
I can't open any of my two skills categories.

Trying to select the difficulty on the missions is off.
When I click on the normal mode, it selects story, if I click on hard, it selects normal, if I click on challenge, the hard mode is selected.

Trying to click on items on the vendor page didn't work most of the time.

The yellow bar npcs seem just as easy to shoot as the red bar, maybe not AS easy but you really notice the difference.

The gear I ended up with on the PTS was when I was testing out different gear items. To play harder missions I would have liked to switch to a better secondary and my skills needed to be changed. I can't change my gear loadout because my buttons for the categories can't be clicked on.

I only played for around half an hour, did one mission, shooting pcs on the street and looting boxes.