View Full Version : Power Feedback and Oil bug?

04-16-2019, 04:30 PM
I've noticed that even though I'm producing about 300 oil on an island, my stores of it aren't increasing because the power plant, the lone powerplant, on the island is guzzling it up faster than I can make it. Is this a bug? I feel Oil power plants shouldn't be burning through oil this quickly.

A Shame there aren't other methods of power production. Oil plants produce a lot of pollution, which isn't fun when you have to kinda spam them a little as the power lines don't travel far. I had to surround my city with about 6 to get even coverage of my Engineers and Investors districts.

I'd like to see powerlines increased in range, possibly with a new road type, like a new Avenue that has lamposts and powerlines costing copper or steel to build.
And maybe new ways to produce power. In the 1800s there were Natural Gas, Coal, Wind and Hydro power plants.