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04-05-2019, 07:44 PM
Recently,I got back into Tribute and I found it much more enjoyable than all the other game modes (Dominion being the worst imo),so I got an idea for a full Tribute overhaul to make it much more unique and fun. Keep in mind this is just an idea I had,I am a very open minded guy so please feel free to leave suggestions down below as long as it's constructive criticism.

Tribute should be divided into two different Phases.
First Phase is unchanged,the classic "Capture the 3 Tributes",however there will be captains defending each Tribute to encourage players to attack relentlessly instead of staying in one spot the entire match.
When one team manages to capture the Tributes,Second Phase comes in and it's a very interesting one.
The Second Phase involves the winning team entering the enemy base and capturing the last Tribute defended by the Commander. Think of it like a mini Breach where you need to capture the Archer ramparts to further damage the Commander and distract him while one Attacker captures the last Tribute,however the Defenders can recapture the rampart and stop the Attackers from winning the match. Capturing the last Tribute requires 1 full minute,progress is not reset when interrupted and will stay the same in the future. Successfully defending the Tribute sends both team back to the First Phase.
The match ends when a team reaches 3 points or captures the last Tribute:
+1 point for successfully winning the First Phase
+1 point for successfully defending the Tribute during the Second Phase

Alternatively,there will be a 25 minutes timer,where one of the Gods will yell "That's enough!" when it runs out,rewarding the team that managed to make more progress in capturing the last Tribute (or the team that managed to capture more Tributes than the enemy if no progress was made during the Second Phase).

I will make some examples from other games:
- Think of the Siege game mode in Paladins,where one team needs to get 3 points by capturing the middle zone and pushing the Payload into the enemy base.
- Think of Capital Supremacy from Battlefront 2,where one team needs to capture the Command Posts,board the enemy ship and destroy its vital points.

My idea was based around these two game modes from different games because I think it would fit the world of For Honor,especially when it comes to Dominion or Tribute. However,I think Dominion should have a different Second Phase like a full Breach like experience where you need to capture the enemy fortress and kill the Commander.

04-05-2019, 08:58 PM
A heal zone by each side altars would probably fix this mode alone. I do like your idea though, at the very least it needs a heal point, maybe even have one in the map off to the side away from everything.

Having no way to heal is what kills this mode for me, you dominate all match and have 2 offerings, 1 minute left and your whole team is low on health from not dying for half the match, you all die to full health enemies and lose the match.

Also the back and forth nature of the mode comes off as more annoying than exciting. It should take longer to steal an offering.

04-05-2019, 09:45 PM
Very interesting ideas for an overhaul. I'll keep an eye on this thread. :)