View Full Version : Dark Zone Stats carrying over outside of it

03-13-2019, 08:34 PM
This has happen a couple of times for me. Get out of DZ east after looking at everything since all the stats are increased. Was happening when I was between 11-14 levels.

Once I leave even through fast travel, the stats still read at Dark Zones levels. No matter what weapon or gear piece I have. As you can guess this makes figuring out what gear is better for me armor and stat wise very hard to do since all of them are at the same level and saying the same thing for the most part.

This however is not translating into damage pop ups in non dark zone areas. Normal low numbers for me are showing. This Stat inflation also applies to gear I find outside of the Dark Zone too while it has been happening.

I was not able to capture it in a video but I have a feeling it will pop up again I will make sure to edit this and attach it. If it is unclear of what

Only fix that has been able to work for me is to logout of the game entirely and log back in which sets those numbers back to normal. I have tried not fast traveling and fast traveling out of the area and into different areas. I have also tried going back into the dark zone and leaving right away but none of it seems to fix this issue.