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03-06-2019, 10:16 PM
Weapons Shield and one Viking Hand Axe



the titles under the heroes name and heroes Name

his real name its torbjörn

his short range and painful or immortal

what means painful or immortal it can means you not care about how much damage you take by enamy you feels really painful in body you still fight to death
Faction Viking

Gender: Male

Type: Heavy

Hit Points: 140

Stamina: 120


Bear Hug Has Uninterruptible Stance starting at 500ms and hits as early as 900ms with short range do 35 damage and stun enamy and refills stamina on a successful hit.

its bear hug look in move https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLpLTcHPIh4

dodge top + heavy attack but cant not be faiet

Light attack top 17 side light attack 13

Light /// 500 ms as well have Uninterruptible

Heavy attack 900 ms as well have Uninterruptible stance

heavy attack can be faiet in bear hug

Chain attack /// light heavy ///// light light ///// heavy heavy //// heavy light///

shield bash //// and successful hit enamy with shield bash get free light attack do 13 damage but enamy can still dodge shield bash

Running + heavy attack Not in guard mode

Full block stance move

heavy attack can be faint

light attack

full block stance can be faint in bear hug have uninterruptible Stance

you can go out full block stance to shield bash light or heavy or bear hug


Hero Specific

Uninterruptible Stance attack

light attack heavy attack and bear hug all have Uninterruptible Stance

Full block stance

Block attack from all direction require stamina to activate
drains stamina when started and when you block

Death of Revenge

what im means death of revenge you going be auto revive and you have 15 sec duration to find same enamy person who kill you of you compete find same enamy person and you kill him you you wants be alive but of you not find same enamy person who kill you and time have run out you be insta died

you only have 15 sec duration life to find enamy person who kill you of you find him and kill him you be alive of you not find him or not kill him you be insta died by time run out

Unless Executed

death of revenge have cooldown 100 sec

and you get half Hp back


Lvl.1. feats

Body Count



New feats immortal active its feats make you take no damage by enamy in Duration 15 sec but how much enamy attack you and how much damage you take after Duration its over it damage come to you /// say about of use immortal feats duration 15 sec and you take no damage by enamy but how much enamy attack you after Duration its over it big damage come to you //// when eanmy doing 500 damage to you and you take 0 damage after Duration 15 sec its over you wants take 500 damage or insta death

immortal feats its not really overpower keep attack him and his take 0 damage but of duration 15 sec its over and eanmy doing 500 damage to you take damage or insta died for take to much damage it how immortal feats work make sure you understad me what im means immortal feats

Lvl 2 feats

Flash wound


Doom Banner

Lvl 3 feats

Thougs as nails


Throwing Axe

level 4 feats


Fire Flask

painful itself

new feats painful itself its passive feats double healpool to you /// like same warlord feats auto reivive get half healpool back but painful feats passive only give you double healpool

Its how his look in games https://i.redd.it/ioeu7yys04521.jpg

picture from ubiosft its how characters shoud look in games

it should be Amazing of his should be in games with axe and shield

guy its idea take me 3 moth but thank you for people read my post

everyone have dream heroes idea

New heroes torbjörn trailer /// no painful can stop him even his more deadly in close combo range many people afraid him with hold right hand it can be unstoppablel and his body begin immortal even viking believe his Death of Viking