View Full Version : Why do guardbreaks track to minions next to you rather than who you're locked onto...

02-16-2019, 11:46 PM
What numbskull thought of that brilliant idea? Like sure I don't want to hit the person I'm aiming at, I want to guardbreak the minion 90 degrees to the right like 3 feet away.

Also peep this OP shugoki tracking.


02-17-2019, 12:33 AM
It needs to be fixed yea. Been a problem for awhile. Minions donít need to be GBíd

I know you recently posted about Goki hug but let me point out a few things before we talk on itís tracking.

1. It has 2 second recovery time on miss. Which means someone OSS has time to dodge and heavy or GB. Itís ridiculous

2. Itís tracking isnít all that bad when you talk damage. Generally youíre talking feint from unblockable so at least it hurts less 😂 but the timing is easy to figure out. He doesnít have a great mix up game.

3. You can roll it. Which is a little too easy. And he has no chase down so thereís no threat.

The zone helps but not enough. Perhaps a new move or something. From unblockable heavy you can feint, hug or do an undodgeable light. But either way thereís too many downsides to talk about tracking.