View Full Version : [UI] I think, Menus are oversized

01-31-2019, 11:19 PM
Hi Anno 1800-Developers,
first: Congrats to this new game. Seems to get a very nice one. I didn't play for long yet but the first thing I've recognized is, that the menus are bumping the interface. I think, that f.e. the Information about the Isle at the top ("Lickwick - curious village") is too much, maybe you could replace/resize it a bit. I noticed, that it is possible to collapse it, but that's always an extra click... The main menu at the bottom is one line to high also, I think. You could move the line at the top to a column one at the left of the menu for example...

Just my 50 cents with my small X1 Carbon :cool:

02-02-2019, 05:39 AM
The UI is so big that you have to play around it at times.