View Full Version : Will Shugoki’s new headbutt ledge?

01-25-2019, 10:07 PM
If it doesn’t then it’s just unfair to him, since literally every other bash type move in the game can to my knowledge. Also, I’m disappointed that the only apparent change to oni charge was nerfing its ability to drastically turn on startup.

01-25-2019, 10:19 PM
I don't think it will? I can vaguely remember a Shugo doing a heabutt near a wall or ledge and it not ledging/wallsplatting in the stream. If not then it's just my brain playing with my memories :p

01-25-2019, 11:13 PM
Someone should experiment and find out.

The headbutt is no longer guaranteed and can be 50/50d with a GB, so maybe it ledges now.

01-25-2019, 11:15 PM
It doesn't move the opponent, only blinds them and drops their stamina allowing the Shugoki to almost get a free hit.

So I'm going to guess it'll not ledge or wallsplat.

01-26-2019, 12:18 AM
That's a shame but he already has demon ball which is faster now so i guess it would be too much