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01-02-2019, 05:28 AM
Hey guys Im having a bit of trouble try to counter Orochi and those players who just do the 400 ms light spam. is there a specific type of play that you can use to counter this besides turtling against him? I main gladiator and his reaction times are slow already and his guard stance has to be constantly renewed. The purpose of this isn't to call for a nerf since I know that Orochi doesn't have much to him besides light spam. I've done the time trying to practice against him in training mode but just cant quite get a bot to imitate the light spam that I so often run into. Any strategies that might help someone like me who mains gladiator? I just get frustrated with the light spam and many times it can make matches seem pointless when you dealing with multiple Orochis who team up and light spam.

Any helpful strategies would be appreciated thanks. :)

01-02-2019, 06:39 AM
Going into training is your best bet. I doubt you're running into someone who knows how to consistently delay in combo lights. So a bit of math. Orochi's second light in combo is 400ms in any direction and his light finisher is 500ms on either side but 400ms on top. These are the speeds that are coded in game before lag comp. Lag comp itself is 33ms. In for honor if you buffer an input it actually comes out slower than it should be. (buffering means making the input during another animation, like light spamming.)

So in training bots are not capable of playing like online play. Meaning their attacks are always coming out slightly slower than online. So defending against a bots 400ms attack is more like fighting a 467ms attack. So you'd set the bot up to do the triple light combo and then just let the first hit land so you can practice blocking the 400ms attack. The only other advice I can give you is to try to not spam guard switch or buffer a guard switch input as soon as you've taken a hit.

Guard switches have a 100ms delay before blocking. If you spam switch you'll likely eat the hit. Switching right after being hit doesn't work out because in this game your character has to finish their action before they can perform a different one. Inputting things far too early be it a guard switch after hitstun or an attack will sometimes cause the switch to not happen at all or you doing something you didn't mean to do. (The latter happens to me all the time because I have a habit of inputting things far too quickly when it comes to attacking.)

Players will often establish patterns of play without knowing it. In my experience most orochi's I fight will typically do their follow up light to my left side. So knowing this i'm able to switch before they indicate an attack from that direction and block/parry it. You could try focusing on what kind of behaviors your typically orochi encounter is like to improve the overall experience.

01-02-2019, 09:26 AM
Here's what I do for a warm up:

I always go in to training for 10-20 minutes just fighting fast and spammy characters, like Orochi, Shaman, Wu Lin heroes, Valk, PK, etc. Today I literally spent two hours doing this. First I just battled a level 3 Orochi bot. Wanted to work on deflecting the lights on reaction, so I just set the bot to use the 3 light chain without a cool down.

I did this so much that I can just simply deflect Orochi's neutral lights on reaction.

I understand glad, but don't worry so much. Due to Glad's short reflex guard, I find it much easier to want to deflect more with him. But if you're not into deflecting, don't worry about it.

After getting hit with a light, stay calm and only move your guard when you see the next attack coming. Don't constantly switch your guard trying to anticipate where the next attack will be, because you just won't be focusing.

Now, I main Raider, Valk and Shaolin, but if I were a Glad I'd really work on deflecting, and would utilize sucker punch, toe stabs and zones frequently. When you make assassins nervous, they just want to throw out lights. Just anticipate that and parry the light attack.

For now just go in to training, set up an Orochi bot, and have it only do the three light chain. Also disable the cool down, just so you don't lose focus and can better understand the timings.

01-02-2019, 06:49 PM
Update this morning When I got on for honor the very first game was 4 Orochi's who just spammed thier lights and even ganked with lights. How do you counter that!!! Ubisoft if you see this please add more to orochi's kit that way they have more to thier attacks than just light spam. It will make the character much better as a whole and reduce some of the complaints and forum post about his light spam problem!

01-02-2019, 06:54 PM
I would upload a screenshot I took from my xbox to this for proof but cant figure out how to upload it from my computer. it wont give me the option.

01-03-2019, 03:33 AM
If they delay their follow up 400ms light, it's a gamble, meaning you have to pick a side and hope he attacks in that side. If your opponent is being predictable, meaning going for the same combo over and over and from the same directions, you can predict and parry them.
If they aren't delaying their combo, their attacks are reactable and therefore you can block them.