View Full Version : Perks: Wich and why?

12-23-2018, 07:58 PM
I was wondering wich perks the community uses and why on each hero.

I found myself a bit stranded by trying to figure out wich is more appropriate for the heroes i play.

On my Kensei i have 2 setups, one aggressive and one defensive

Aggressive: Devourer, Endurance, Head Hunter

Defensive: Shields up, Aegis, Endurance

But on my other character i'm still wondering...

What setup do you guys have?

12-23-2018, 10:50 PM
None because they are all useless ;b

12-24-2018, 12:48 AM
I can't be bothered to actually try and get a specific perk so I just pick whatever and max out the perk that is the closest to max out.