View Full Version : Some thoughts on making PeaceKeeper better

12-16-2018, 11:15 AM
First thing I'd do is give her a unique ability that I am here going to call bloodsport, just for funzies. This could be either a passive character ability or a tier 1 feat (I'm leaning towards the former of those options), but what it does is it changes the way PK's heavies interact with bleed damage. At the moment, all physical damage done to a bleeding target is dealt on top of the bleed damage, effectively what happens is the bleed gets pushed further down your opponent's remaining health. What this "bloodsport" ability would do is make PK's heavy attack damage would be dealt under the bleed damage, allowing her to dependably finish opponents who're bleeding out.

I think this could be a good change for her that would actually encourage the player to utilize the bleed, because while the bleed can't kill outright, if you stack enough of it you unlock the potential to finish your opponent with a heavy. This would tidy up PK's dmg output and execution c0ck-blocks. It would also make her feel more dangerous when you're bleeding out.

Otherwise, probably reduce the stamina cost of her soft cancels and make Dashing Thrust a guaranteed wall-punish.

12-16-2018, 12:36 PM
I agree that she needs a unique bleed mechanic but I'm more in favor of giving her unblockable heavy finishers against bleeding targets. This could also be combined with your idea. Your suggestion alone wouldn't be enough since people could just turtle until the bleed ends.

12-16-2018, 02:09 PM
This is a bit confusing. Not sure I understand.

Personally I think the problem with her bleed isn't it's damage. it's that all bleed based moves are combo enders. Meaning she can't effectively pressure her opponent to make bleed an actual threat.
Her side dodge heavies should get a damage bump by some. Reduce bleed follow up damage if needed. I think her deflect should be able to execute. Or maybe do all current bleed damage at once on top of her deflect. Either would incentivise deflect usage. Both her dagger cancels are dodgable on the heavy timing. Not sure how to fix that.

12-17-2018, 08:02 AM
This is a bit confusing. Not sure I understand.
Bleed damage essentially infects your health bar and erodes it over time. All physical damage dealt to you while you're bleeding is inflicted as if the bleed "infection" wasn't there, and then the bleed infection is reapplied to your health bar where it continues to erode it. If you watch your health bar, it appears as if the physical damage pushes the bleed "infection" down your remaining health. What I propose is, PeaceKeeper gets an ability that makes her physical damage get delivered under the bleed infection, so her physical damage is dealt to the opponent's health as if the infection had already eroded the health.

In practice this would mean she could get executions while enemies still have infected hitpoints. Light attacks would behave the same as they do now because they have no special property; light attacking someone who's bleeding out will effectively make the bleed out faster, and that wouldn't change. If you imagine dealing a heavy attack now against an opponent who is bleeding out, all you can really hope to achieve is an immediate bleed-out. What this ability does is, if that heavy attack depletes that last of their uninfected health (the white bit of the bar), you'll get an execution.

Like I said before, I think this would really incentivize aggressive play for PeaceKeepers, and actually provides an advantage for the bleed. If you fully utilize PK's kit and get your deflects and your triple stab, and your poke follow-ups, you can just melt through your opponent's health with your bleed damage, and then execute them outright while a third of their health is still eroding away. It'd make PeaceKeeper super dangerous without resorting to BS damage output or other nonsense mechanics. Looking at you, Nuxia.