View Full Version : Wow Ubi... For real?

12-15-2018, 01:13 AM
Seriously? Animations update for Lawbringer, that's it? Not even the courtesy of buffing some of his moves? How about at least making a successful shove on heavy actually guaranteed? I guess not though. Fans: "Ubisoft, it's been nearly two years since Lawbringer has been a thing, what're your plans now?" Ubi: "Well... we err.. don- I mean, we do have a plan, yes... a good one... just uhhh.. just wait another full season before we mention anything further... buuut in the mean time, look at this polish, isn't it niiiiice?" Seriously, you're waterboarding us with cosmetics to hide the fact that your balance team is just a single guy managing patches with a typewriter. You know, the body of a Ferrari is cool and all, but the body doesn't make the car, the engine does and if it's just a husk it won't run. You've come out with the Wu Lin and in the short span that they've been out they've received more buffs, nerfs and fixes than heroes that have been out since the start of the game nearly two years ago...

12-15-2018, 06:47 PM
It is not cosmetics It's actually a straight up nerf actually, the only thing you could do with the shove was a heavy to make the opponent dodge thinking it was a light, now that the heavy has that longer, more telegraphed spin animation this is gone. People say it is minor but attacks animations are very important (see how JJ can't be parried because of his disgusting animations). And nobody ever complained about the LB attack animations in the first place, but remember, Roman simply hates LB and it(s players so there's that