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12-06-2018, 08:48 PM
Hi every one,

It's been a while since I played the game. To be exact, just before the release of Marching Fire.
I have returned a week ago more or less and I have some questions about the game's actual state.

So, I consider myself a good player of Orochi (the only character i have ever played), with a good ability to deflect. Since I returned to the game I'm having a lot of problems fighting and surviving.

I understand than being out of practice for 6 month have affected my reflexes and overall playskill in the game, but I feel somethings are different.

I just wanted to ask if somethings were changed:

1) Deflects:
As obvious, it took me some days to be able to deflect again. Nevertheless, when I manage to deflect, a lot of character seems to be able to hit me during the animation of the fast orochi deflect attack.

Were there a change to the speed of the attack? before deflect wasn't very useful against parry, but now I don't see the purpose of it being orochi.

2) Grabs:
I'm having some problems "countergrabbing" now, may it be that I lost practice, but it seems less responsive to counter a grab.

3)Wu Lin:
As always that a new character is introduce there is an "adaptation time". During this period you will have problems dealeing with the characters as you don't now their movements, speeds, combos, tricks, etc.

The same happend with the Tiandi, Jian jung and the shaolin, but for some reason I cannot manage to fight any of them.

I've been a whole day just practicing against and with them, but as soon as I encounter one it destroys me. I'm not able to even block the shaolin, it just enter a frenzy mode of lights attacks that kill me.
Also the Jian Jun is crazy fast for a guy this big!! I cannot see the lights coming :confused:nonchalance:

Any tips to get better agains this 3 characters?

and the LAST one (Sorry for the long post)

4)Unblockables attacks:

I have the impression that now, they are more gangs in multiplayer. I don't know if it just my feeling.
This combined with the roster of characters with unblockables attacks make impossible to hold a position more than some secons (at least with orochi).

I have the feeling that the game is now less based on skill, as now you can kill other players just by using 2 unblockables at the same time with a companion.

That's it's all, I just exited a game, first time i do that, but i couldn't take it anymore... it was infuriating (Sorry to my teammates, it was a question of health ;)). So I decied to put the post as I'm drawning in dispair every time I play XD

I will continue practicing to see if I can manage to survive a little longer now, but I think I just lost my touch in the game.