View Full Version : PC Suggestion Odyssey achieve the things i dream while playing black flag in 2013

12-06-2018, 09:13 AM
Guys i remember back then when playing black flag. Wishing that every islands you see can be explored. The sea is so amazing but there is only a handful of islands you can truly explore. Not to mention the main cities are different in the sea maps that needs to be load whenever you enter. There are mountains and trees and black flag you cant truly explore them. http://movieseriesworld.com/ (http://movieseriesworld.com/)

Now in odyssey, its a dream come true. You see that volcano? Go explore the fck out of it. See that mountainous island? You can stop your ship and climb it. The world is very seamless and beautiful.. I just want to thank ubisoft from making this game and not to mention you can dive deep in the ocean. i watched in IGN that you can use ikaros to fly across the map without loading.

And to top it all. Bro-nabas makes the sea exploring so much better and fun.