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12-05-2018, 04:12 PM
Good Morning everyone,
I would believe that most of us here would agree that Nobushi is in a pretty bad spot right now in terms of her viability, especially when you compare her to the Jiang Jun. As I'm sure most here would agree, seeing "Your character but better" is a bit annoying so I gave some thought to some tweaks to maybe help Nobushi out.

Hidden Stance
-Halve the stamina cost. JJ has no stamina cost to go into his and actually regens stamina while in it while the Nobushi uses about a third to half of her meter to go into the stance, let alone do anything out of it.
-Get rid of the 3 to 4 second stamina regen delay after Hidden Stance. Currently when you leave Hidden Stance by attacking or simply back to neutral, it takes about 3 to 4 seconds before your stamina will actually begin to regen, compared to JJ who again, will leave his stance with full stam most of the time.
-Allow attacks in chain to be feinted into Hidden Stance. This will allow for better mixups and mind games, meaning they won't have to speed her up to 400ms lights if they rework her

Top Light
-Normalize to 500ms. I'm not sure why they'd bother leaving it 600ms when lights seem to be trending towards 400ms (This should go for more than just Nobu, I know)

Swift Recoil
-It's a retreat move to get some breathing room. Actually give it dodge frames and have it break tracking as opposed to how currently opponents ice skate along with you to land a free heavy

Second Wind/Blissful Rest
-Either bring back Blissful rest or get rid of the animation for it and give her the shoulder shrug. If need be I'd be happy to fly up to Montreal so that way you can mo-cap me shrugging. Fair warning though, I have a body type more suited for Warlord.

Zone Attack
This one falls a bit more into rework territory than tweak territory but,
-Remove the second part of the zone attack and the stamina cost associated with it but allow the Nobushi to do "Viper's Retreat" (step back bleed poke) if she really wants to do a bleed poke

Bug fixes
-Make it so that way when people block or parry, it actually blocks or actually parries, this goes for all characters

12-05-2018, 10:46 PM
I agree with most of the points you said with the following exceptions:

Second Wind/Blissful Rest
I would love to see Blissful Rest come back but since that won't ever happen, just speed up the animation so match the normal Second Wind speed. I like the idea that her recovery is different.

Zone attack:
I would drop the Stamina cost on the second swing slightly but otherwise leave as it is.

New idea/tweak
Allow this to hit dodging or rolling enemies in range. Either this doesn't currently happen or it doesn't always work.

12-05-2018, 11:00 PM
Thanks for the feedback and suggestion guys! The team is looking into block/parrying indicators. Along with suggestions, what are some reasons you think Nobushi is in a bad spot? What do you find frustrating about Nobushi as compared to other warriors?

12-06-2018, 02:23 AM
Her "Long Range, Versatile Retreats" doesn't make sense for her anymore. Other characters can do either of these (or both) way better than she does. She has few ways to actually retreat. Also her "long range" doesn't mean anything as a simple parry closes the gap or multi-hitting moves/certain guaranteed hits will 'teleport' opponents into their range, nullifying her range.

Her attacks are the most telegraphed and obvious in the game, yet her attacks are slow and do little damage in comparison unless the target is bleeding. She needs her attacks to be far less obvious and a little quicker/higher damage, or much, much quicker.

The Jiang Jun has a drastically superior "Hidden Stance" as it recovers his stamina, whereas the Nobushi must pay a heavy stamina cost and take a recovery delay for a single usw. These two variations should not be such polar opposites.

At the minute she feels like a lackluster character because the Jiang Jun and Shaolin seem to outshine her in almost everyway. They have parts of their kit that the Nobushi should have had.

As another idea to improve her ability to keep her distance. How about a bash attack that simply pushes opponents back and is undodgeable? She shoves you back with the end of her weapon but it doesn't wallsplat, ledge or stagger the enemy. Its a safer version of her kick but allows no follow up beyond giving a little breathing room.