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12-03-2018, 10:31 PM
Role: Mobile, Mixup intensive
Difficulty: Medium
Class: Assassin
Faction: Knight

Hero specific

Reflex Guard, Renown and Revenge: I leave them out, unchanged.

Dagger Cancel: Cancel Heavy Attacks by pressing L into a stab that causes bleed damage (400ms, Top Attack, 1 direct and 10 bleed damage over 5 seconds).

Zone Attack cancel: Cancel Zone Attack second hit by Feint, Dagger Cancel or Dodge.

Heavy Attack cancel: Cancel any Heavy Attack, Dashing Thrust or Sidestep Strike with Feint, Dagger Cancel or Dodge

Scent of Blood: Any bleed damage or damage on bleeding opponents restores stamina. The amount depends on the damage dealt.

Chain Starters: Dagger Cancel, Deep Gouge, Dashing Thrust, Sidestep Strike and the Second part of the Zone Attack acts as Chain starters.

Unstoppable Momentum: Heavy Finishers are unblockable.


First Light: 500ms, 13 damage
First Side Heavy: 800ms, 20 damage
First Top Heavy: 900ms, 25 damage

Twisting Blade: L, L, H, uH.
Second Light: 500ms, 17 damage.
First Heavy: 20 damage. 800ms (Side); 25 damage, 900ms (Top)
Second Heavy: Unblockable, 30 damage, 900ms

Dervish Strikes: L, H, uH
First Heavy: 20 damage. 800ms (Side); 30 damage, 900ms (Top)
Second Heavy: Unblockable, 30 damage, 900ms

Sword Dance: H, H, uH
Second Heavy: 20 damage. 800ms (Side); 30 damage, 900ms (Top)
Third Heavy: Unblockable, 35 damage, 900ms

Deep gouge: H*, L. Guaranteed if the heavy hits, deals 9 bleed damage over 3 seconds. Unusable on Dashing Thrust and Sidestep Strike confirmed hits.

Dashing Thrust: Forward dodge+Heavy. 20 damage, 600ms.

Sidestep Strike Side Dodge+Heavy. 15 damage, 600ms.

Stab: Q*+L, L, L
Succesful Guardbreaks can be followed up by Stab. Bleed starts thicking after the thirds stab, or after it is interrupted by an enemy or a throw. Throw range and throw mechanic unchanged (still hard to get a wallsplat).

First: 2 direct damage, 5 bleed over 5 seconds. Usable while exhausted.
Second: 2 direct damage, 5 bleed over 5 seconds. Usable while exhausted.
Third: 2 direct damage, 15 bleed over 5 seconds.

Riposting Stab: Deflect+Light Attack
The Light attack is Unblockable. Deals 20 direct damage and 15 bleed damage over 5 seconds.

Slipping Lounge: Run+Guardbreak.

Zoner Attack:
First Part: Light Attack, 15 damage, 500ms, stamina cost heavily reduced.
Second Part: Heavy attack, 35 damage, 1100ms. Confirms a Deep Gouge if hits.

Changes Summarized:

- All 400ms attacks removed, excluding Dagger Cancel: I don't think she needs them with these changes, and my ideas would be too much with existing 400 ms attacks. As compensation, the second part is more powerful.
- Chains and moves sewed together: With new chain starters and soft feints added to some moves, the peacekeeper can chain everything into everything now. Her current moveset is broken apart (she can barely do any real mixups), this would solve this problem, and would give her the mixup potential she needs to be viable.
- Deep Gouge and Dagger Cancel damage slightly reduced: She doesn't need so much confirmed bleed damage with my changes, her direct damage numbers are buffed as compensation. I added some change that might sound broken first: the first two stabs are usable if you get a guardbreak on an opponent even if you are exhausted. However, it's not so broken if you think about it this way: she gets nothing from guardbreaks if she is exhausted, not even a light, not even with a wall, and even if she brings the enemy to the ground, she gets now 20 damage, while others can very well get their full wall punish or at least 30-35 damage on the ground, and maybe a light even oos guardbreaks. The first two stabs deal 14 damage together,so nothing broken, she will get 39 damage if she manages to catch an exhausted opponent, 14 if not exhausted. This is not an important part however, just something that bothered me for a few months.
- Guardbreak softfeints removed: It is too powerful with these changes. It's not a good mechanic either, it's something that slows the fight.
-New effect added: Scent of Blood: With this effect's stamina regeneration, she would have access to further pressure without overbuffing. She needs something like nobushi or shaman, since she is a bleed hero, this effect would work excellently, and would encourage her to be more aggressive if she landed a bleed.
- Unblockables added: Openers are very important against overly passive players. I don't think the pk needs extensive amounts since she is built on speed and agility, not strenght, but I extended all chains with an unblockable heavy attack at the end. At least one uncountered heavy must be thrown in neutral any way to get access to an unblockable- this way, she would get hard access to them, but would get access to them against opponents letting full chains thrown (since softfeints restart chains, it means actual chains with fully counterable attacks without any fancy softfeints). Maybe a new animation required to show how she is getting more momentum, but her current chainfinishers look believable as unblockables.
- Improved dodge attacks: Since dodging and dodge attacks are an important part of her kit, I added new softfeints for them and the ability to hardfeint them. They are highly telegraphed anyway, the dagger cancel would bring some neutral viability to it. I lessened the damage on them by removing deep gouge, they are now damagewise in line with or below other dodge attacks.

I think these changes would highly improve this character without breaking her. I think these changes would be enough for A tier, she would still keep the weaknesses of low damage, weakness against armor, weakness against superior range, and relatively low counterattacks (by the way, her current numbers are even lower). What do you think about these changes? Please, write down your opinions with constructive criticism!

12-04-2018, 12:18 AM
Again, there is no way that someone of PK's size should have unblockable attacks.

12-04-2018, 07:47 AM
Okay, I wrote a little part about that and realism. I took it out, I did not think it is needed. Guess I was wrong. Here it is:

In a real duel, the lawbringer would be almost untouchable for other heroes. The kensei, conqueror, warlord, shugoki, tiandi and jj would compete, because they have proper armor and weapons, others woud be slaughtered in seconds.

The shaman is the same size as the pk. She has a bash and a 40 damage unblockable. The shinobi has unblockables and hyperarmor on them. The shaolin has unblockables, and he does not even wield a real weapon. This pk would build it up slowly to get momentum for being unblockable.
If we want to speak about realism, there is no way a lawbringer would be bothered by most unblockables, like zerker's. He is just so big and strong there is no way it would force away his block. Or that it would damage a conqueror through the shield. Realism was never the intention, and even if it was, shinobi executed it long ago.

12-04-2018, 10:09 AM
I can't edit, and the topic won't move with time passing, nor do I see responses, so I dump it (if a mod see this, look at your forums, something is very off with them, at least for me).

The peacekeeper is not weak at all, judging from her animations. There are two executions of her when she just casually chops off someone's head with a one handed sword. There is one where she just cuts off someone's arm in two seconds WITH A DAGGER (not chops it off, forcing the dagger through the bone). She also has the strenght to pierce through a skull with one hand in one execution. She is not weak at all physically. Most of these feats are either impossible in real life, or require,lots of strenght.