View Full Version : Suggestions and feedback.

11-15-2018, 09:14 PM
I feel as if season 8 is extremely bad in the terms of balancing and the new Wu Lin heroes are extremely powerful.

I would like to add a suggestion of making everyone OP so that it would be balanced seeing as you guys always have a hard time keeping up with people's demands of someone being too OP.

I would also like to request and suggest the armor variation of any faction for any faction at all for all players. For example: If a Viking uses both knights and vikings, he/she wants to customize a warden, the person should be able to change the visual of the gear for a viking like raider. That would be a great way to represent your faction and really would mean something when you choose to pick a faction.

I would also like to add on gear stats as I have played since beta and I know a lot of people would want them back too, I know you guys are trying to make for honor a unique experience but your slowly turning into other games.We veterans have earned our rightful spot and I know that the revenge build is way too much but the attack and stamina and defense isn't. It was like fighting a boss.We are the boss. So please hear me out and I hope you will add it on and bring back the old gear stats.