View Full Version : Thanks Ubi, plus suggestions

10-31-2018, 08:57 PM
No really, I wanted to voice my opinion on how enjoyable FH is for me right now, and thank you for listening to our feedback. The new perk system is an overall improvement, the arcade is useful and fun, though I am scared Jiang Jun (my new favorite) might get hit with a hard nerf later, along with the shaolin, but we'll cross that bridge when we got to it.

Now about our feedback: I was among the few who suggested capes, and of course got hit with *NO CAPES* references by the community :D (I would have done the same, no hard feelings) but my idea was closer to a new category in customization, just like MASKS. Perhaps in future we can have CAPES in their own category.

PK still needs a slight damage buff and raider still needs that nerf, though I heard at least one of those was on their way. Shouldn't take too long for pk I think, just up her numbers rlly.

Oh speaking of cosmetics, I was wondering if Highlander is gonna get a really THICC sword at some point, you know why...This is why:


Do him the honors of a DragonSlayer looking sword. While we're on the subject, maybe it's time to give pk's dagger a new Assasin's Creed wrist blade skin (yes I am a cosmetics guy)

In closing, the game looks gorgeous, and the new breach mode is a lot of fun and finally gives the game the siege feel we were promised. So keep up the great work :D Cheers everyone!

10-31-2018, 10:14 PM
Glad you enjoy it and thank you for playing! Thank you for sharing your feedback as well! I'm not sure if there are any plans for Highlander to get any sword, but will keep you posted if there is any news regarding that. Also, in your opinion, what do you think the Dragon Slayer sword should look like? How much damage do you think it should do, if any at all?