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10-25-2018, 09:57 AM
Let me start by saying this: i have played for honor on ps4 since the beta, and throughout the entire time playing i have gone through about 15 controllers alone, just toughing out the ganking, i only play dominion because frankly if i play duels some asshat will just whip out the meta and go all try hard on me. and literally any other game mode i have to wait an hour to load in because nobody ****ing plays the other modes, oh and if all you do is play duels your missing out on about 90% of the game. i in the past have deleted for honor off my ps4 in rage but i always came back. even when they upgraded orochi in to r1 god spam, even when they nerfed POOR SHUGOKI in to the ground, even when that glitch where assassins guards have slower reaction time showed up. but this has gone way way way way too far.

OH before i go any further let me also throw in there that the only thing that kept me coming back to the game was the "revenge builds" the only fun i had was when i was in a 4v1 or less me being alone while my teammates sucked dik in the background, and i would be going ham swinging on the team discouraging the gank, i posted several videos where ive successfully survived a gank with my nobushi or lawbringer, it was beautiful, i was actively discouraging gankers, and promoting fun HONORABLE game play where people wouldn't t-bag after they killed you unfairly. i actually had games where at the end everyone would stand and watch as 2 of us went at if in a 1v1. it was BEAUTIFUL. and then all of a sudden some STUPID **** decided "lets take all that hard work where all these ****ers spent weeks months lvling up characters to rep 17 so they can have the build they want, the build that fits the character that makes the character worth playing..... and lets just **** THEM ALL **** EVERYONE OF THEM EVERYBODY GETS ****ED- but heres the catch listen to this, nobody will notice because were gonna add all this extra pointless perk **** that is OH SO ****ING USELESS".

In a game where being unfairly outnumbered by completely broken characters was routine, revenge mode was the saving grace, a light at the end of this dark stank *** tunnel , but no they took that away too, just like they took away shugoki's usefulness, just how they took away all that hard work some of us put in to our armor sets, replaced my nobushi medic build and revenge build with- im sorry what the **** is this? "a 4% increase in sprint speed for the first renown lvl and a 2% increase for ever one after that" your telling me by the time a dominion game is ending ill have plus 10% movement speed? thats what i traded my revenge and medic build for? thats ****ing cancer. and omfg is breach annoying, you cant do **** anywhere where theres an enemy minion, the skill thats supposed to give u health for killing minions is so garbage they literally out damage your healing.
You complete garbage ******s have instead of focusing on making your game fun and cool, decided to focus way too hard on trying to balance it as a competitive game and LET ME JUST SAY THIS, i dont think along the entire time for honor has existed has it ever had a single moment of balance, it has NEVER been balanced, you have failed since the beginning and this latest MONEY GRAB has worsened it even further, the community has never been so toxic, ganking has never been so ****ing bad, the game runs worse now because u decided "LETS TURN UP TEH GRAPHICS SLIDER" OH COOL EVERYTHING IS SO ****ING SHINY, really hard to enjoy the view when my nobushi is getting ****ed in the *** by about 2 nuxias an orochi and a tiandi, BOI DOES THE VIEW OF MY ******* GETTING SMASHED REPEATEDLY LOOK OH SO SHINY AND NEW.

i regret ever buying for honor i regret buying the expansion, i regret the time i spent playing it and i regret the time i spent now TRYING to enjoy myself, i cant believe this game pretty much lvled down from a complete pile of garbage to an utter dumpster fire of a game. 6 games in a row i get t-bagged by a gangking orochi, a guard grab spamming nuxia, and a ****ing lightning quick dodge attack/ kick spamming tiandi. i have never in my life wanted to sell my PS4 the only thing keeping my PS4 in my house is the fact i got red dead 2 pre ordered, and i pray they do it justice because i cant take any more disappointment, i made this Ubisoft account just to vent this aggression. thanks devs u ruined a game that was already pretty ****ty good job. have a wonderful day thanks for wasting my 100s of dollars i should of bought a gaming pc like someone with intelligence i could be playing ark with mods rn, thanks for wasting my money 100s of dollars, thanks for making a terrible game even less fun..

10-25-2018, 11:04 AM
You are the kind of person we do not want anymore on this game, or any kind of game for that matters.

10-25-2018, 11:39 AM
I agree most things and I said this million times . Duels are not working right now , I wish I can go into duels and test my skills or perfect my moves but thatís impossible when Iím playing against a wall . Same thing with orochi it really makes me nuts on the breach . Here is what happen as soon as enemy team lost the game next turn they all switch to assassins just so they can win F that . Basically no skills pick the assassins whole team . Revenge still works sometimes is fast sometimes it takes time to build up but it works . We want to have more fun and less breaking controllers 😂

10-25-2018, 12:14 PM
You are the kind of person we do not want anymore on this game, or any kind of game for that matters.

this. you can leave now.

10-25-2018, 02:52 PM
Did you ever see Faraam videos? He have no troubles with Antigunk gameplay without Revenge Build. Maybe For Honor not fun anymore, cause now you need to do something instead of using legal cheats aka Revenge Builds and Infifnit Stamina Build?

10-25-2018, 05:19 PM
this. you can leave now.

I second this..
Sounds like the OP needs to leave for the sake of his own well being.

10-25-2018, 05:56 PM
Speaking about cheats auto block is a cheat and revenge is something built in game .

10-25-2018, 05:58 PM
Oh and this auto block will block revenge 100% and everything else in this game . And if u are by chance knocked to the ground autoblock will lift u up in less then a second .