View Full Version : Devs need to fix this controller bug ASAP

10-05-2018, 08:48 PM
Experiencing some weird input glitch with the controller. Stuttering when using left stick of the controller with already used right one. Both on foot and when as an eagle. When controlling eagle stuttering more visible though. Feels like frame skipping though it doesn't reflects in graphs (afterburner+rivatuner).
Yes, I did try with everything off in the system except game and steam client so it's happening not because I have a lot of stuff going on in the system. Clean restart. All drives are fragmented and optimized.

Example for easier replication of the bug: When flying eagle slowly rotate the camera with right controller stick (keeping left stick untouched) and during that rotation just move left stick in any direction doesn't matter. The first stutter will occur and 1sec later second stutter will occur. Really kills the experience for me.

Xbox One Elite Controller 8700k, ddr4 3000Mhz 32GB, GTX 1080 ti, 3440x1440, SSD, Win 10 (October update). All the latest updates for everything (bios, drivers, os). Actually, tested 6 driver versions back starting from 416.16 and back falsely hoping it was a driver issue.

I set graphics to low when testing this issue to avoid any bottlenecks in hardware. FPS was high when uncapped. Also tried limiting it to 60. Also tried every other setting in the game in every possible combination. No luck.
It doesn't stutter if always keep left stick in some direction and rotating the camera with the right stick after. Stutter only happens the other way around when already rotating the camera (right stick) and starting to move (left stick).

Reinstalled Origins just to check this. Very little hiccup happening in Origins when controlling eagle. So slight that I might have not noticed it during my playthrough during the past year. And only noticing it now because of the much more visible hiccup in Oddysey.

I bet not everyone will notice this. Even more, probably none will think of the controller inputs issue. Pretty sure they will just assume bad performance and optimization in general.

I did try with a controller unplugged (wireless) and plugged (wired). As I'm aware it's using different drivers for each. Tried uninstalling controlling drivers.
Also, I tried different games as well (Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry 5, Life is Strange 2, Shadow if the Tomb Raider, Vampyr, FF XV). None of them have this issue. Only Oddysey does.
Also today I tried my PS4 controller (wired) with the same stuttering result.

So the controllers itself not an issue as all of them are using different drivers and simply all the drivers cannot be broken.
Actually, it's working pretty great response wise and all the buttons are working and everything. It's just these little hiccups when I touch left stick when already rotating camera are really kill the experience for me.
At first, I was thinking on Windows 10 October update I just installed right before launching AC Oddysey. But today I went to a friend in my building. He has the same issues with his game on a bit older version of Win10. He has almost the same hardware specs as me. So I guess it's might be a common issue.

Today played with mouse and keyboard for a little bit. Completely smooth gameplay. No hiccups when I press movement keys during rotation. So the problem with the controllers only. I really don't want to play this game with mouse and keyboard. It's way better with the controller.

So if someone experienced the same issue or might help with resolving it that would be great.

Personally, I think that the reason is some kind of bad controller calibration by the devs that need to be fixed. For example, compared to Origins in Odyssey when switch to eagle and camera flies up you could rotate camera right away. But now in Odyssey rotation locked until camera levels with the eagle. So they've changed something with the controls that might require some additional tweaking and patching. That's just my guess. And I'm kinda corious how is it on consoles. Wondering if it's the same.