View Full Version : [SUGGESTIONS] Minor Suggestions

09-29-2018, 11:52 PM
These are just minor suggestions I like to see on Trials Rising, so it's nothing much but we might see these suggestions in the game!

Add track descriptions from previous trials games where you select a track on Trials Rising

Add a tournament mode like the one where you select a series of tracks and move on to the next tournament like on Trials HD and Trials Evolution, not Trials Fusion but we might see the community/user-shared tournament mode where we win prizes like acorns and xp from Trials Fusion on Trials Rising.

Add a bike speed, handling, agility, acceleration, and difficulty status meter when you select a bike from previous trials games on Trials Rising, it would be helpful because people won't know which bike to use and bike descriptions wouldn't help.

Add a slow motion and rewind feature on Replay Mode.

So yeah, it's just minor things I like to see in Trials Rising:D:)!

10-02-2018, 05:49 PM
Thanks for the suggestion Knight! <3