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09-27-2018, 08:21 PM
As Redlynx has previous stated that simultaneous, online editor
sharing/track building is not possible for Rising, I suggest:

A way to declare a list of players that are allowed to
modify a track that can be saved online.

For example:

If I am the original creator of a track, I can go into the settings and enable
a checkbox marked "Allow Contributors", which prompts a list where I can
choose who is allowed to make changes to my level.

Then, when I finish editing the level, with "Allow Contributors" enabled,
the level is saved online, where any of the listed contributors can
download the latest version, make changes, save and upload for
other contributors, including myself to change.

There can be 2 ways to handle multiple contributors trying to
edit the level simultaneously; one way is to simply allow
only 1 person to edit at a time, with others receiving
a messaging saying "Track is currently being edited",
with the original creator being able to override
any contributor currently editing and make them stop.


[[[[An alternative way to handle multiple contributors simultaneously editing the track,
is to allow them to edit their own downloaded copies locally, then if
2 try to upload simultaneously (modifying the same "latest version"),
differences from the previous "latest version" could be detected and
overlaid over the previous build.

For example:

Build "A" has a ramp and is the current "latest version"
Build "B" has a barrel and the previous ramp from build "A"
Build "C" has a crate and the previous ramp from build "A"
Contributors 1 and 2 download build "A"
Contributor 1 creates build "B"
Contributor 2 creates build "C"
Contributors 1 and 2 try to upload simultaneously
Trials Rising gives priority to build "B"
Trials Rising detects the difference between build "B" and build "A" and places the barrel
Build "B" is now the latest version
Trials Rising detects the difference between build "C" and build "B" and places the crate
The latest version now has the ramp, barrel, and crate

Again, with the option for the original creator to make select (or all) players stop]]]]

The original creator should be able to restore to previous versions of the track,
therefore multiple previous versions should be automatically saved.

Automatically saved previous versions should have a limit to
how frequently they can save, so 1 contributor cannot
repeatedly upload the same version (or a version with insignificant changes) to circumvent restoration.

As the original creator of the track, who has enabled "Allow Contributors",
only I can upload the track to Track Central.

Upon uploading the track to Track Central, players who were on the list of contributors
will be credited when selecting "more info" while highlighting the track
(unless they opt out), even if they were removed from the list of
"Allowed Contributors" before uploading, so long as they have made
any changes that are still present in the final version that is uploaded to Track Central.