View Full Version : Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

09-27-2018, 03:32 AM
So, Ubi Guys, now I can play my pirated copy of Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow from start to end with voodoodg. The only problme is, as I mentioned before, my copy of the game is a illegal one, and I want to buy a legal copy of the game, so, I think it's time for you to put back Pandora Tomorrow on steam, origin, gog, uplay and whatever!

I really want to look into my collection and see all the Splinter Cell games there, bought and paid legally! Please, do that for me, ok? I think you should have my money for this great and awesome game!

I even playing it in 1080p with a widesceen fix! And is running flawnlessly!

Please make a pack with the original trilogy and the other games. Pc has this blessed thing about take old games and whit a little effort make then run anstonishingly again!