09-19-2018, 07:25 PM
The ability to move items in the editor between categories, and also the ability to create custom categories.

Moving objects between categories:


I think the Dummy Object is better suited
to the "Triggers and Events" category as it is often
used to get positional data, and is inconvenient to leave
the "Triggers and Events" category to place one.

It should be possible to move items between categories, for example the dummy object from
the Common>Game category, to the "Triggers and Events">Data Sources category,
or "Triggers and Events">"Other tools" (*see below)

It could also be an option to create a copy of an object, so
for example the Dummy Object can exist in both
the Common, and "Triggers and Events" categories.

There should be an option to return to default object categorization.

Custom categories:

There should also be an option to create custom categories,
which would allow track creators to create object palettes that suit their build.

*In addition, there should be an option to create new sub-categories/folders
and name them, for example "Triggers and Events">"Other tools".

Custom categories should be in their own category within the editor,
similar to how groups are found within the "Favorites" category.

09-21-2018, 06:23 PM
You seriously are the master of feedback. <3 Thanks!