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09-19-2018, 06:23 PM
There should be a special kind of trigger, or changes to the way triggers/events/object arrays work
that will allow objects in an array, that hit a trigger, to trigger an event that will affect only that object.

For example; an array has objects labeled 0-9. Object 2 will hit a trigger, that goes to a visibility event, that will turn ONLY object 2 invisible.
When object 7 hits that trigger, only object 7 is affected. This will avoid having 10 seperate triggers (with object instance set to each object individually)
and 10 seperate visibility events (again, 1 affecting each object).

In other words, "when object 'X' hits 'this' trigger, affect only object 'X'", without depending on "object instances" or "object types",
which would require a seperate trigger for each object that would hit the trigger.

Hit trigger example: Hit trigger connected to the rider, and a visibility event: so when the rider hits any object,
the visibility event will target that object to turn it invisible.
This could be further narrowed with "object types".

When an object hits a trigger, the trigger (or some other tool, or data source) should not only detect that it was hit, but which object hit it.
In the case of hit triggers in the example above, the hit trigger (or other tool, or data source) should detect which object the rider hit.

This concept could possibly be extended beyond "area triggers" and "hit triggers".

09-21-2018, 06:22 PM
Oh wow interesting! Thanks!