View Full Version : [SUGGESTION][CUSTOMIZATION][TRACK EDITOR][STICKERS] Remove borders from prime shapes

09-19-2018, 03:46 PM
The borders (thin black outlines) from the prime shaped stickers (circle, square, etc.) should be removed.

It is not a problem when you are dealing with large primes, but when
you scale them down enough, the black outlines become very noticeable.

It becomes a problem when you are trying to make a custom shape
out of many pieces 1 solid color, but the black outlines make it
appear to be a patchwork of many smaller shapes.

If I really needed an outline, I could just copy the sticker,
place it underneath, scale it up slightly, and color it black.

09-21-2018, 06:14 PM
Ooh good point. I'll forward this on. :)