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09-18-2018, 08:58 PM
As far as i noticed there is just 1 mode in mp. How about some more?

[Public] Basic Race
Sunday Rider: Beginner and Easy tracks
Standard: Medium and Hard tracks
Trialist: Extreme tracks onlyNot sure if a public ninja playlist would make sense, if anyone think so feel free to leave a comment :)

[Public] Track voting
Vote on 2 career tracks or a random one will be selected
Option to vote "Random track"
Show what bike the other players use before the race starts
Once a track was available for voting or you already played it in that match, that track must not be available to vote or as a random track selection
Option to vote for custom tracks. To avoid playing "MyTrack quality" tracks, only RedLynx picks / community picks should be available.

[Public] General things
If after the 3rd track 2 or more players got the same points (no clear winner) there should be another trackor If 2 or more players got the same points after the final track use total time to define the winner
Bike selection screen should look exactly the same like in the career. Instead of the tandem you could show the track.

[Public / Private] Tandem Mania
8 Lanes, 8 tandems, 16 players (2 local players each account)
4 Lanes, 4 tandems, 8 players (2 local players each account)
2 Lanes, 2 tandems, 4 players (2 local players each account)

[Public] Mutator
Vote for the parameters (wheelie, full throttle, no lean, burning, invisible bike etc.)
Vote for the track Option to vote "Random parameters"
Round ends after every player faulted at least once
Longest distance without faulting winsSince we canīt have real skillgames in mp, the parameters from Fusion would be a nice substitude.

[Private] General things
Once you host or join a private lobby it should be active as long as you quit.
- That means invited players / host can go to the garage, options or search for tracks in track central etc. while the private lobby is still active.
Invited Players should be able to suggest tracks to the host, so he/she can add them to the playlist.
Host should be able to watch a replay with the invited players
- Invited players should be able to quit at anytime and do something else while the others keep watching.

[Public / Private] Bike Game
Position 1 gets the slowest available bike and the last position the fastest available bike, once the positions change the bikes change aswellor

All available bikes on a track cycle through on each checkpoint

ps: massive thanks to UbiKeeba for reading all our feedback and replying! <3

09-18-2018, 09:37 PM
Ooh I'm liking that! Hope to see that too:)
Your suggestions are awesome!:D

09-21-2018, 06:07 PM
Thank you so much for the amazingly organized post! Makes it SO easy to send the feedback on. <3