View Full Version : [SUGGESTION][TRACK EDITOR][SCALING]Advanced object scaling

09-18-2018, 08:29 AM
A way to scale objects (at least certain objects like primes) on independent axis, so you can make a square into a rectangle, a cube into a pyramid, or a sphere into an ellipsoid or torus, etc.

If this makes collision detection too difficult, then lock the physics type to 'no contact response' when objects are scaled non-uniformly.

This will help when making custom objects for decoration, and if they need to have physics properties; they can be glued to custom collisions to approximate the desired shape.

Even better would be to enable object scaling (both uniform and non-uniform) to be tied to a data source to be adjusted dynamically. Again, if dynamic scaling is too difficult to the physics engine, lock the physics type to 'no contact response' while dynamically scaling.

This should be extended to area triggers, fail areas, and (if possible) custom collisions.

Concrete Pipe example: Ability to scale diameter independently from length.

09-18-2018, 03:21 PM
Thanks for the suggestion! :)