View Full Version : [SUGGESTION][GHOSTS][REPLAYS][FEEDBACK] Player movement looks choppy in the replays

09-17-2018, 03:12 PM
The ghosts in the replays look like clay animation. It seems like the position of the ghost and any surrounding object is recorded too few times per second resulting in a choppy look. This is most apparent in this video https://youtu.be/XtuszQT6WvQ?t=1m15s where you can see the ramps falling in an unusual way, and in the beginning of the next skateboard track where you can see that the rider looks really stuttery. This is just not nice to look at and it ruins the smoothness that speedrunning videos want to achieve. This could also be a problem in replays of ninja tracks where I might want to see every detail of a very intricate movement/technique but with this system I will only be able to view the general movement without the detail.

My suggestion is to implement replays like they were in Fusion. I am not sure how it works behind the scenes in Fusion but I would guess that the controller inputs are recorded 60 times every second (same frequency as the physics simulation) and then these controller movements get simulated by the game to produce a smooth replay. In rising however, it looks to me like in addition to controller inputs, the positions of the bike and rider are also recorded. The problem is that the positions of the bike and rider are recorded too infrequently and the game interpolates between these 'snapshots' creating an unnatural bumpy look. The controller inputs still seem to be recorded at the appropriate frequency (every tick) so why doesn't rising just use the controller inputs to simulate the bike and rider?

As it currently stands, if someone wants to have a smooth video of them playing a track they will have to record themselves playing in real time which can be problematic because recording software can impact your game performance.

What I want to say is: please go back to the simulation based replay system of Fusion instead of whatever replay system is in Rising right now.

09-17-2018, 03:25 PM
it's true the replay is interrupted and is not pleasant to watch.

09-17-2018, 03:39 PM
Thanks for the feedback! I'll make sure it gets forwarded on.