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09-17-2018, 08:53 AM

Track Names/Artist etc. Displayed briefly when track changes. Some of the music surprised me when I found out who it was, would be nice to have that info without having to dig the web.
Option to create personal playlist, or eliminate certain genres.
Moar old school punk. DKs, Crass, Sham 69, Propaghandi. Stuff like that, I'm a sucker for anyone with guitars, scribbles on their skin and angry outlooks. Also some earlier Sum 41, personal preference, anything from Does This look Infected. MxPx, Anti-Flag. Okay I'm stopping now.

If you are keeping the challenges front and centre each time you select a track, draw more attention to the fact challenges can be skipped with Y/Triangle.
Maybe make the challenges screen less intrusive if possible, feels a little too much like Frontier this way
It's been suggested already, but a list view for tracks or a logical progression type system where the next track is highlighted automatically to save peope scrabbling around the world map
C2T has done a great shooped post on this but, throttle percentages on the input display, an improved final time display system. All his great suggestions, actually.
Medal/distance display on skill games

Would be cool if we could get a legacy garage, for TC or a seperate league, sonewhere like that that won't effect global leaderboards too much, as all those bikes could confuse things.

[Line quality]
Small yet big thing, only one though, the corners in the drive line in Hard Hat Zone and Skate or Don't sometimes cause major tyre wobble, especially over the ramp transitiony bits in the latter, would be great if something could be done about that.

[Character Customisation]
A full body suit or morph suit type garb we can apply stickers to for face and neck.
Scottish and Welsh flag stickers, any others you missed too.
Option to stack and group stickers into new selection
Hopefully we'll get an option to share full outfits, but I doubt this one if not everyone has access to the same awarded parts.
Option to place more than one accesory at a time, especially on the helmet/headgea (think ear type shapes)
Scaleable body types, if it's possible without changing the reaction of the bikes to the physics.
Possibly a way of creating custom accessories in an editor type environment.

Along with everyone elses stellar suggestions for this, creator set costumes and accessories for tracks for those of us who build themed tracks.

Just let us buy the stuff we want with in-game currency, without the element of chance. Please. Not saying any more I haven't already said publicly and passionately