View Full Version : Just a few suggestions

09-16-2018, 01:53 PM
So a good thing would be too save our customisations as a group or a design as a whole so you can put it on another clothing piece saves time if I wanted it in another colour or switch it up a bit

Also can we have a quicker way to change colour say press square to change colour while still on the tab with all the layers showing and not have to click on Modify then change colour and also to sell items quicker aswel or say when you open a crate have a button to quick sell duplicates, oh and also to duplicate and sticker n not stamp it
Hope that bit made sense went it abit all over the place 😂

Also when you unlock an item itís very hard to find it like for example the stickers the padlocks are orange and black and the NEW sign is orange and black and itís very hard to point out what youíve unlocked easily so maybe change the NEW colour to something that I can recognise itís unlocked

Also multiplayer I donít like how even if the others DNF they basically still get the same points if they say cane second Iíd be the only one to finish and they would still get 6 points probs intentional but I donít like it in my opinion

Also times at the end of the race is like to see how close a race was or how much I beat them by do prefer the faults over the 5 second penalty because the 5 second penalty can be very inaccurate on single player I won but still said defeated because Iíd have a fault but still progress through that contract
Wow Iím actually all over the place typing this

Just a few things that I thought Iíd pick out if anyone hasnít really enjoying the game tho but want to see how ninjas plan out until the game drops drop any feedback or owt 😊