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09-16-2018, 11:05 AM
Well, because i already have written a detailed feedback, its just in the german general section of the forum, cause i had no link to this one, here`s the summary:
Get rid of the Lootboxes, mainly because of the EU, see EA and Belgium
The Gold, Silver and Bronze Ghost from the first playthrough of a map are a bit annoying
The design of Challenges, how you aproach them and what excactly they are ecetera, was how i think in Trials Fusion PERFECT, never change a running system
These are the big weak points of the game in my opinnion, and because i play Trials since Trials HD i will get this Trials as well, but i already know this will be the Trials i like the least, of all of them, because of the reasons above

Still i hope i could help