View Full Version : [SUGGESTION] [MUSIC] Universal music suggestion thread! Post your song requests here!

09-15-2018, 06:35 PM
Hello all! I noticed that the music suggestions were sort of scattered all over the place, so I decided to take some initiative and try to contain them all in one thread, for RedLynx's ease. Before you start posting I wanna lay down the only rule for this thread:

--- Suggested music must NOT have swearing in it. If the track does have swears in it, make sure it is censored.---

I hate to drop boundaries on my fellow Trials players, but Trials is an E10+ game, and RedLynx will not sacrifice that rating for some songs. Also, please try to have the tracks fit the same theme as the ones in the game already do.

And on a final note, know that RedLynx may completely ignore this thread. It could be too much work for them, or they might think it's not worth their time. At the very least, use this thread to recommend music to your fellow riders.

09-15-2018, 06:48 PM
My Recommended Artists:

The Black Angels
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

09-15-2018, 08:15 PM