View Full Version : suggestions about player/bike customization.

09-15-2018, 06:11 PM
Basicly ripped out of my other thread but it was more of a suggestion then feedback.

What could be really handy for the custumization is letting us group and save sticker groups just like how you did it in Trials EVO level editor. How you could glue a bunch of items togheter and move them aroung like a cluster. And save them so you can easily acces them later and sticker your patterns on other items without having to reconstruct the whole thing and being dissatisfied because it looks slightly different.

Maybe you could give us even a flat surface to work on (like a chalkboard or something) to design stuff that doesnt warp all over the bendy clothes or motorcycle and save the group from there.

Thanks for reading.

09-15-2018, 10:27 PM
+1 for this, Grouping and like a "wall" of sorts where you can arrange and save groups to use later would be nice.

09-16-2018, 12:11 AM
Thanks for the suggestion Rworqx!