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09-14-2018, 03:42 PM
Played the beta for about 2 hours yesterday and already noticed some UX problems that either confused me or made my experience more hassle then it needed to be. I am going to list each thing I noticed and a possible solution for each.

Rival Defeated Text

When playing the track challenges against 3 different Rivals I had a heart-stopping moment when I finished a race and saw "Defeated" on my end screen thinking I lost to the ghost I nearly beat. I had thought I lost to the rivial when in fact I defeated them. I think for clarity the text should read "Rival Defeated" to make it immediatly clear I won considering the position the text appears in other places refers to your own personal status in other events "1st Place".

New and Locked Sticker Items

The visual language used to show that something is locked or unlocked and new are to visually similar. "Locked" items are shown with an orange block and a lock inside and the "new" items are an orange box with black text that says "new" in a sea of locked stickers it was very difficult to sea the items I unlocked some sort of glow, color variation, or additional visual effect is nessesary to make it clearer.

Loading Screen Smoke

I am not sure how loading is handled in the XB1 version, but I am not a fan of the smoke that fills the screen during the transition to the track stutter and freezes as it loops. It makes the game feel slow and dated. I assume the animation is tied to loading progress as the stuttering feels similar to a loading bar. I would perfer the animation not be tied to loading progress and just have it play as a simple transition the loops once or twice keeping everying nice and smooth feeling.

Quickplay Feature

I enjoy the worldview as it really solidifies the genre as a sports game with limited, but rather good music. I can't help but feel its a bit scattered for those players looking to set records and see an organized view of there times. I think a more structured layout option similar to older trials games would be good for a time trial/ quickplay mode for people looking to get into the exact track they want.


Physics are clearly pretty unique from title to tile, but there is something a bit clunky about some of the hard landings I have had in the beta. I know it happens in the other games, but landing from a high height both smooth with the track and hard and flat tend to have sudden clipping and slowdown that doesn't help the flow of the game. Driving lines that curve also make the tires clip and do wierd jittering movements that slow the pace. I think since were 4 games into a physics based series I would hope these types of issues are gone by release. It is just frustrating that these physics glitches potentially ruin plat runs.

Thanks RedLynx for making one of my favorite games of all time and as a game artist and designer myself, I just want to see the best from the series. :)

If I come up with more I will be sure to update this thread.

09-14-2018, 03:57 PM
Nice! Thanks for the feedback!