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09-14-2018, 04:07 AM
A few things I'm really missing from previous games:

* When you finish a track, Rising does not tell you if you set a new record, unless you unlocked a new medal.
Previously (Evo, Fusion) you would see the final checkpoint time to know if/by how much you beat your personal best.

* Friend Leaderboards when viewing tracks
It used to be that you could see/compare times between friends without having to go into the Leaderboards to check it out.
Having to go switch back and forth for every track you want to compare your times on seems unnecessary and avoidable.
The old system gave you more information, and it did it faster.

* Friend Leaderboards in the post-race screen
The same "window" as my previous point, where you at a glance knew if you finally beat your friend's record, without having to go into the Leaderboards.

It would be great if we could have these back :)

09-14-2018, 03:04 PM
Thanks for the amazing and organized post! I'll be forwarding this feedback on to the team. :)