View Full Version : Smashing the Smashers?

09-13-2018, 05:26 PM
Hey, folks!

Today we are tackling a tough topic… the Smashers!


These “pinheads in pursuit” have been unleashed in the Twisted Mushroom Kingdom and become terrors of the battlefield. Let’s be honest: they can be a real challenge, and you might want to think twice before moving your heroes on the map – well, if your goal is to finish your battle with your whole team (and beloved Rabbid Peach) on their feet!

We know for sure that Smashers can be a bit intimidating on the battlefield: they are big, have a ton of hit points, and they will charge towards your party and, well… smash them! It's what they do.

Smashers don't react very well to being hit, as you may have found out already. They will move towards whoever attacked them and, if they get close enough, they will do their thing, even if it's not their turn!


How do you deal with these baddies?

Some players use reaction techniques, like Hero Sight, to blast Smashers when they are moving towards your team. I personally like to use weapons with Push, to keep them far away from my party. But there are many ways to deal with them.

It’s your time to shine and share with us your most successful tactic against the Smashers. We’ll feature the best ideas in our comments on Twitter (https://twitter.com/rabbidsofficial/status/1040279386610647045)!