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09-13-2018, 02:55 PM
There are no information on what to do next.....

Let's say I have never played trials before, then this would be my thought process:

on the first 5 tracks I got four silver an one gold medal.

No more tracks are popping up, there are no information on what I should do next... is this the hole game? I might think...

Then i try a track again which I recently got a silver medal on, I get gold. So now I have two gold and three silver, then a skillgame pops up...

I get bronze on the skillgame and are taken out to the world map.
Now four of the tracks I have gone through have changed icons from the medals to a face... ? Aha... now what.. what does this mean? So I go back in to one of the tracks with the face, I just gone through this track....but there is a challenge, I must do some backflips...

I complete the contract, the face on that track go away and the medal icon is back... So.. must I complete all contracts? Is that what I have to do? Will there be more tracks after that? There is nothing here that make me WANT to continue doing this.... but I guess that maby something, like more tracks will come if I continue...

So I try another "face-track" ... do 2 frontflips and 3 backflips..
Ok... I really hope something is going to happen after this... I accept the contract.
Ok I did the flips and complete the contract. Still no more tracks.. looks like I have to go through the last two "face-tracks" in the hope that this game are ever going to open up..

I got the first of the remaining two
Only one face-track left now...

Aha... a stadium is unlocked... There is some info..
"Go and practice on races....So I can progress to the next league! Aha there is a next league.... I hope that does mean new tracks...
I Winn the first race in the stadium and are taken out to the world map... no information... what now... do I go back inside the stadium?.... I zoom out to see if anything else have happened on the map... oh wait... There is something in Uzbekistan looks like... it says Europe Rookie..

It's locked... it says "complete to unlock : monster mash duel in monster mash.. ok cool so im guessing thats in the stadium?

Going to the stadium, what... the monster mash is locked.. ?
What is this...? Was it the Europe Rookie I must complete to unlock the monster mash? Let's go back to the Europe track in Uzbekistan and try it...

No... that just takes me back to the stadium, which is now called "Monster Mash".... let's go inside... it is still locked...
Oh in very small typing it says "get level9"
So.... how do I do that?
Maby I didn't do so well on the previous stadium x-cross..
Let's try again... I got a gold medal and levelling up to level9 and are taken straight out to the world map... I guess I'm going back in to see if monster mash is unlocked... it is..I win, levelling up and are taken back out to the world map... no information, are the Europe Rookie track open no? No... it's still locked

Going back into the stadium... now I realise that everything in here are called monster mash... ah right..

Levelling up, unlocking Europe Rookie
Zooming out, heading over to Europe, there are some very faint dots over there, tracks....

Playing all tracks, are now at level 17 with a new sponsor unlocked, there are no indication of what comes next, just some new contracts here and there...

Will there be harder tracks? There are no info... no incentive to keep me moving forward with the game....


Because i played the technical test I KNOW there is at least one extreme track that will surface, and that I probably should continue with these contracts to eventually unlock stuff...

But really.... you should have EVERYTHING you haven't unlocked clearly visible in one way or another (greyed out or whatever) AND with a clear description on what is needed, along with what you got so far...

There is very little here that really GRABS a new player and really suck him into an exciting world, which trials have always been.

(The mantis are handling really well now tho)

09-13-2018, 03:11 PM
This post is awesomely organized and well written! Thank you! I'll make sure to forward it on.

09-13-2018, 03:21 PM
This post is awesomely organized and well written! Thank you! I'll make sure to forward it on.

Thank you UbiKeeba!

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Not a problem!

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Great post.