View Full Version : Same As P2P

09-09-2018, 12:00 PM
This new system of servers looks good on papaer but they work as the freaking P2P . Every hight latency have an advantage above normal players with normal latency , so my question is why bother to move to servers since the P2P was exacly the same . i dont understand why ubisoft dont do something about it . why normal latency have to be under LAG players. Well let's all use switchers mby this is the kinde of game ubi need. LAG LAG LAG .

09-09-2018, 11:32 PM
The switch wasn't to exclude lag from the game but the instability that p2p caused a huge amount of game to drop by moving to dedicated servers they minimised the issue.
Ps I agree the ping cap should be lowered to 200 you exceed it you get kicked