View Full Version : Real Bad Bug, Funny Bug, And A Typo

09-08-2018, 02:23 AM
Hay everybody, an hopefully someone that can do something about my findings.

I don't normally ever post here, or on forums in general, but my addiction to this game has made me wanna try to help it out a bit.

There is a bug where if you do a double heavy and get guard broken you fall though the ground on a breach map, forgot which one it was but got this video.

There is another bug where (I assume)all characters talk when there already dead. But I've only seen the Orochi speak to me twice when I used The Mountain execution on her.

Also this is unrelated but there's a typo in the description of the Shaman on your site.

"The squabbles of Factions do not concern her, though the blood and bones sing her name, but she has read the entrails of a Knight scout and the knows that her fate is tied to the war in the south."