View Full Version : VVhy is the game like this?

09-06-2018, 08:10 AM
I love For Honor, and I love dominion. but, come the absolutely duck on. This Orochi and Centurion stuff has to stop.

I have been fighting Orochis regularly for almost a vveek novv and I'm still getting light spammed. Novv I'm not saying thaht a vveek is a long time, no. I'm saying I haven't seen an Orochi use storm rush in a full vveek. I have seen like maybe 7/40 Orochis atleast use a side svvipe or tvvo. more so forvvard roll + light since it tracks like a bichu.

Point is, these Orochi's aren't even using the moveset anymore. Like. Ubisoft. VVE GET IT. You're the ducking Nike of video gaming. But please for the life of the playerbase, make the FH team at least consider some sort of actionable plan. I'll even back off Cent if y'all vvould just please do something about that Oro spam.

I couldn't even get my friends to dovvnload For Honor vvhen it vvas FREE, lmao because they knovv FH's history. I'm still trying to defend myself and explain vvhy I'm still playing the game.
For a fighting game, it feels more like you guys aren't focusing on the 'fighting game' aspect of it, and more so focusing on making it hack 'n slash-friendly vs. a complex vvits-against-vvits mechanical battle. Lol like you guys vvish you vvere Ninja Gaiden instead of For Honor

Note: Never really posted on these forums, and as such I'm sure people here vvould be vvondering vvhy double 'v. I don't plan on really living in these forums so I'll let you guess vvhy. Hint: vvater.

09-06-2018, 08:24 AM
Ok, I have to ask this.

Why VVhy?

09-06-2018, 08:25 AM
So, you are a PC Player -> Orochi can do nothing if you know how to block. Or do you play on Wireless LAN, with a bad Monitor and under 30 FPS? Maybe you should practice a bit more (~50 hours played is, well, not much in a Fighting Game).

Orochi and Centurion are both Characters that are not very high in Tierlists atm due to their inability to open up others. Everything they can do is counterable and punishable on reaction.

Facing Orochi: Concentrate on blocking. Throw a feint and wait if he does a dodge-attack -> easy parry for a free heavy. Most Orochi overuse Top-Lights, bait it for a parry or deflect by putting your guard to the side.

Facing Centurion: Be ready to dodge the kick (when you see the unblockable symbol immidiately dodge) for a free GB or dodge attack on him. Trying to parry his attacks is hard because he has variable timing on his heavies and can soft-feint into guardbreak, so dont do that alot if he does not commit for a full charged heavy.

You are playing Shinobi, Aramusha and Orochi alot. You have the same speed on Lights as, well, the Orochi you complain about. No idea what to say now...