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09-05-2018, 11:52 PM

You know the drill, they do a Den, I type it up. The open test starts so I suspect we will get a good deal about that.

A show we have, get hyped \m/<(-.-)>\m/

They had two maintenances, it went a little longer than expected on PC. They have disabled ranked currently while they fix a bug the alst update introduced, they hope to get it back up within a couple days.

Steam players are now able to get into the open test.

For those on the open test who have starter edition, because of the way they had to configure it, you have everything unlocked on your main game, this will go away however.

Open test is open until the 10th. Breach is on pvp and pvai, it has all 22 characters. It has the perks system, responsive dialogue, graphical enhancements, breach and duel in custom and a victory celebration screen. Everyone who participates in the open test will get 2000 steel in the main game.

You can pre-order open fire, $29.99, this gets you arcade mode and two weeks early access to the Wu Lin October 16th, Wu Lin get exclusive elite outfits on pre-order.

People have asked about season pass, this covered all of the 2017 DLC as well as the champion status, effects, outfits and such. Marching Fire is its own separate purchase that is not part of the season pass. Marching Fire itself is also not a season pass, it is a standalone expansion.

Will progression and stats carry over from the test to the main game? Nope.

Someone asked if the pre-order he bought a week ago is still legit, yes, yes it is.

Are the original heroes getting faces or helms with faces? That is a good question and one they are not going to answer right now.

Roadmap, I see an extra xp weekend on the 14th-17th, a week of carousel of death from 20th

They wanted to do a test server for consoles but they didn't have the time frame to do it and they don't have the flexibility to make changes, console patches run through third party. If you have a PC you don't need to buy anything to try it.

Someone asked if he asks a dumb question will they answer it? Eric said yes but one and that is his one.

They will do the rotation of cheaper prices they had in mind, the text isn't updated and still says limited availability but they can now trigger sales. So have a look for cheap executions at 4000 steel for a week.

Content of the week, mythic outfits. Cordyceps, Svamper and Jubokko.

Responsive dialogue system, characters will interact with their speech. What they want is to make them more real in the universe and they want them to react to what is happening around them. the goal with the open test is, well, to test this. In order to do that they had to recast some of the characters which is why some sound different. Most of the characters they didn't change the existing speech that already existed, some needed to be because the voices were that different, they have gone from about twelve lines to over a hundred each. They felt that in terms of audio and graphics this was the one big thing that was missing. They are reading the feedback and they are acting on a bunch of it that they feel will lead to improvements. Casting is not changing from here on in, they feel that the system as a whole is better and more immersive. Before Marching Fire they will refine the system, remove or replace some lines but this is a system that is here for the long term and will evolve over time.

Why in English? They had a discussion over this, they felt that people would miss a lot of gameplay feedback if most of the time you couldn't understand the text. They decided they wanted most of the lines to be English because of this if with accents.

Why did they change the actors? For example the samurai, most of the actors were Japanese who gave the native lines in the campaign then non Japanese that were doing your own character, now, when you are playing a samurai or wu lin character, the voice actor is from the region or descended from the relevant region and get the tone right that they did not have previously. They also needed actors that would be available on a long term basis. Some characters people think are different are actually still the same guy, they gave male conqueror as an example in this, same with female raider.

They showed the victory screen, each character has different signature poses and actions which are unlockable.

They want feedback on perks.

Breach is not the final balancing, they wanted to have the extremes at both ends to find a good middle point.

Community corner and some questions

When a knight player uses Shaman will characters react as if she supports the knights? No, the reaction is based only on the character.

Will the Wu Lin have their own faction cosmetics? Yes. For the moment except for the faction war, other than that they are a faction in their own right.

Will they ever add additional loadout slots? They looked into it a few months ago and could not due to performance issues. It is still onthe agenda to try but they haven't found the way to do it yet.

Will we ever be able to reacquire event items again? For the moment no, maybe it will change in the future but they do not want to currently.

What is the status on feedback and acting on for Valk rework? They know some mains aren't happy and are still looking over it, numbers indicate she is strong at a high level. They are looking at specific things, so far it is too early to say but in terms of pure data she is looking good.

Considering all characters get stuff at the same time, older heroes have more stuff, will this be addressed? Newer characters will never fully catchup, they can't catch up two years of production time every time they introduce a new character.

Will we be able to choose attacker or defender in breach? In custom, yes, in matchmaking they have two systems in place, one is team swapping, if you play the same players you should change team, matchmaking will also look at what you did before and try to put you in the other team, it isn't a parameter because they don't want to extend matchmaking but it will be a thing they try to have happen.

Will all the characters ever be gender unlocked? No, some characters were always meant to be only one gender.

Eric got asked when Pope is going to pay up for a stolen beer at the meetup. No naming and shaming on the forums >.> but A Pope doesn't drink beer, B at the meetup the team paid for the beer.

Come October will we be able to remove masks? No, not in Marching Fire, there might be new things for some characters.

And that;s a wrap. Feedback, perks, voices, new characters, all welcome.

09-06-2018, 06:15 PM
From me to you one Den recap

09-06-2018, 07:24 PM
Thanks as always Candle.

Bit disappointed with their response on Valk. I don't think she's trash. But it's frustrating for them to state that they were not happy with her the day before release and that she'd be an on going project. Only for them to back peddle and tell us that she's doing fine right now and there isn't any changes in the works.

I usually don't side with the negative nelly people but it's really hard for me to feel like feedback from us actually matters to the devs. They don't respond to things as often as I feel is needed. And we usually don't get a very full answer when they do respond. I don't know.

I want to come back to this game at some point. But i'm just not having the faith in the devs that I used to. /: