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09-04-2018, 03:30 PM
Hello! I decided to make a tier list ranking the for honor maps based on their appearance. S-Tier ranks the coolest looking maps while lower tiers rank maps with less cooler appearances. This is obviously opinion based on my own account, but feel free to post your own opinion. I may consider it and edit the list a bit. Here it is folks:

-Citadel Gate: This place has amazing castle structures and vast lands for fighting!
-Cathedral: This church ruin has an interesting ancient look to it. Love the architecture!
-The Shard: The castle is huge! Truly brings a medieval feeling into the fight.
-The Forge: I love the different rooms and castle structures.
-The Sanctuary: I love the Japanese architecture and the nature surrounding this amazing arena.
-Forest: This map is not only a setting in nature, but is enhanced by the ruined architecture within it!
-Tower Ruin: The series of buildings surrounded by nature are very appealing to the eye.
-Temple Garden: The huge tree is awesome and so is the architecture surrounding it! Super insane garden!
-Market Town: The first village looking map for the Samurai. Love the cultural aspects within it!
-Beach Head: A campaign favorite! Looks like the coolest battle front I've seen yet!
-Kazan Castle: A new upcoming map that looks like a war playground! Love the interior and cultural design.
-The Pit: I love the viewers watching above the pit. Reminds me of a gladiator match with a viking twist.
-Shipyard: This dock looking area is great for looking at the sea and a good breeze!
-Viking Village: Truly a village to be admired, with a viking style and ships to sail!
-Gauntlet: Looks like a playground with deadly traps not to be messed with.
-Hallowed Bastion: A new upcoming map with epic snowy setting with awesome structures and defenses!


-Secluded Keep: Another interesting castle map! I'm not too much of a fan of the interior though.
-The Sentinel: A fortress with cool places to explore. Awesome architecture.
-Sanctuary Bridge: I love the buildings in the background! Otherwise it's just a bridge.
-Overwatch: Another playground looking area with a bunch of hazards! I feel it needs something idk what though.


-The Ring: My least favorite circle arena map. I like that it's on a cliff and you can see sunsets and stuff. But the architecture needs to be buffed.
-High Fort: I like the snowy setting and nature. Architecture is okay but nothing special.
-Canyon: I like the face structures within the canyon and it makes this geographical spot unique. But other than that it doesn't look dangerous like a canyon should be and I feel the rest of the architecture is quite boring.


-River Fort: I feel like this viking styled map isn't anything interesting. Most of the surroundings seem to follow a dull, wooden style. It's boring but not necessarily very ugly.

09-04-2018, 07:11 PM
I'm not keen on Overwatch because it funnels everyone through zone C and I prefer maps that give direct access to all the zones from spawn. I also don't like The Sentinel because of the Ballista's. My favourites are probably Citadel Gate and Temple Garden.

09-05-2018, 03:03 AM
My picks
High Fort in winter
Temple Garden in rain
Citadel gate