View Full Version : have you had any issues with customer support?

09-01-2018, 02:01 AM
my first and what will be my last. was nothing short of unreal, bizzare and unprofessional. i submitted a ticket for steel i never got from the first two volcano events. the screen never popped up saying my factions place and rewards. the last two did ok no worries submit a ticket easy fix. lol not with a money hungrey corperation. first they bs me for days saying there have been reports were looking into it. then they want pics for proof like im taking them every minute just in case. do i need to well i guess so. best i can do send pic of volcano emblem to prove i did take part in the event. what happened to the customer is always right? its fake pixel money they acted like i wanted to swindle there pixel steel. almost a week and half goes by after pics nothing done. i contact them in chat for the fourth or fifth time. the new twit of a agent says ok done its on its way. days go by now two weeks later i contact them tonight. give them a piece of my mind of course. they say done added to your account. anything else they ask lol. umm yea some compensation for your mistake and the headaches dealing with you. first they no we cant lol really great customer service. then this new twit agent gives me ubi play points omg lol. you cant make this stuff up what am supposed to with ubi play points. i have all the rewards. whatever i log on and you guessed it no steel lmfao at this point. i reopen chat ask them what is your malfuction over there. new twit asks me whats the issue lol omg. the window licker has the history right there. then hes like one moment so you didnt recieve your steel is that the issue. i tell him keep your steel what i think of there service there agents. as well as im never spending a dime on ubisoft end the chat. has anyone ever gone through this with these people? i stopped playing and spending on world of tanks. because wargaming is like that greedy dont care and incompetent. for honor will be next if this continues.