View Full Version : What some characters need for their rework.

08-29-2018, 02:50 AM
Shugoki needs more cow bell

Shaman needs to bite dez nutz

Raider needs another dry hump sexual position

Nobushi needs a striptease pole dance

Highlander needs an execution were he guts someone and makes them into a bagpipe then plays the tune from brave heart.

Conquerer needs it "raw!"

Aramusha needs a name that doesn't sound like a fish dinner at a fancy restaurant

Warden needs to conquer the holyland

Kensie needs to find barbiesie

Orochi needs to be declared king of the weebs

Peacekeeper needs a buff to be on top again because she is a "back to front" kinda lady

Lawbringer needs a pony... He keeps hinting at it for Christmas but never gets it.

Shinobi needs a cure for his nepolean complex

Warlord needs a portable ledge

Centurion needs his other 99 pals

Gladiator needs a gay karaoke bar

Berzerker needs to have a dance off with shaman...because he just got served